HotelgeschichteHistory of the hotel

Hotel Restaurant Steinbock · Landstrasse 146 · CH-7250 Klosters · Tel.: +41 (0)81 422 45 45 · Fax: +41 (0)81 422 16 36 ·

The story of the Hotel-Restaurant Steinbock

History and mile stones - from the guesthouse to the hotel

1929 Construction of the building and opening as guesthouse Bellavista

1951 Purchasing of the property through the Barblan family

1958 Extension of the property with some more rooms and tourist accommodation

1961 Enlargement of the restaurant, closure of the tourist accommodation and usage of the space as dining room.

1968 Marriage of Silvia and Gaudenz Barblan and adoption of the hotel/restaurant as tenant

1972 Acquisition to possession of the property through G. and S. Barblan

1974 The new a-la-carte restaurant was built

1982/83 Demolition of the old building and new construction of the hotel Steinbock, that came into being a hotel with 34 flats.

1983 Reopening of the new Hotel-Restaurant Steinbock the end of November 1983 with a total of 34 flats, 68 beds and a capacity of 10'000 square meters

1988 Silvia Barblan becomes the sole owner of the restaurant

1988 – 2012 Gradual redemption of all flats through Silvia Barblan

2012 Sivia Barblan is the sole owner of the Hotel Steinbock.

2013 Sale of the whole property to the Götz family.

Celebrities in the house
King Gustav and Queen Silvia from Sweden

King Harald V and Queen Sonja from Norway

Richard Branson, british founder of many enterprises, all under the name of virgin.

Ivan Rebrow, german singer of international standig, who performed all his appearances in russian folkloric dresses.

Urs Freuler, 10 times bicyle racetrack world champion of the 80ies

Fritz Künzli, legendary swiss football forward of the 60ies and 70ies. 44 assignments in the swiss national football team.